“AirFlow” Saddle Pad 3D Mesh Dressage – Brown

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“AirFlow” Saddle Pad 3D Mesh Dressage – Brown


Our airiest saddle pad ever! The 3D Mesh fabric has high breathability and allows the air to circulate while transporting moisture away from the horse’s back. It has Back on Track’s well-known No.2 saddle pad design, with an anatomic fit and high cut that provides extra space over the withers and spine. The front edge straps attach to the saddle’s D-rings instead of the billet straps, which reduces the risk of pressure points against the trapezius muscle.The saddle pad has a filling with soft padding and a layer of shock and pressure-distributing perforated foam. The inside has a Welltex® infused lining in Power Waffle™ textile. The technology stimulates blood circulation by reflecting the body heat as infrared energy. This can aid mobility and help avoid injury by relieving muscle tensionand improving the back’s suppleness. The outer layer consists of ventilating 3D Mesh to provide ventilation and moisture-wicking.• Welltex® technology • Ventilating 3D Mesh• Power Waffle™ Textile • Highly breathable• Logo on the side • Elegant cord


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"AirFlow" Saddle Pad 3D Mesh Dressage - Brown

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