BWT Bestmax Plumbed Installation Mini Kit + Standard Filter saves $20.00

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BWT Bestmax Plumbed Installation Mini Kit + Standard Filter saves $20.00

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BWT Bestmax Standard Mini kit & Filter save $20.00.


Standard filter BWT Standard filters are designed to remove taste, order, sediment to 0.5 micron and sodium preventing calcium and scale build up.

This kit has one steel metric hose & 1 connector Kit $240.00

Save $10.00 on Kit + $10.00 on Filter.


Head                      $120.00

Pressure relief valve $70.00

Hose                       $30.00

Connector                $25.00 

3/8 to 1/4 reducer 812173 in exchange for 3/8 x 3/8

                                $245.00= save $10.00 =$235.00 + save $10.00 on filter=$20.00 savings

Products Description

 Filter Head: It has 3 built in selections, for degree of filtration needed, based on your water condition, Heavy, Medium or Light hard minerals.

The BWT filter head, just set the filtration # you need, when it’s time to change to a new filter, just twist out the old one and turn in the new one. The built in on / off water shut off valve eliminates the need to close and open a valve manually.

Pressure Relief Valve; It is always best to pre flush your new water filter before connecting it to your machine The flush valve lets you pre-flush your filter without disconnecting the hose from the machine to eliminate any air pockets or loss carbon resin getting into the machine’s internal parts.

BWT Hose Stainless Hose: includes 3/8-inch stainless steel braded house for plumbing your espresso machine with BWT Filter Head Adapter 3/8 hose fitting.

A set of OD 3/8 metric to 3/8 US fittings; BWT is a European based mfg. therefor the fittings are metric the adapter set will allow you to us a US connection for your needs.

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Standard Kit + Bestmax S Filter, Standard Kit + Bestmax V Filter, Standard Kit + M Filter, Standard Kit + L Filter, Standard Kit + XL Filter, Standard Kit + XXL Filter, Mini kit

BWT Bestmax Plumbed Installation Mini Kit + Standard Filter saves $20.00

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